Designed for medical students but highly relevant for anyone studying anatomy and the human movement apparatus. 

A different kind of anatomy poster 

eAnatomi is proud to introduce the brand new anatomy poster, EA1, to the world. 
The EA1 poster is different from any other anatomy poster ever printed. It covers bones, muscles and ligaments in a genius and didactically grouped fashion. This poster is truly for the uncompromising professional or student, as it has all the relevant details and has been quality assured by multiple experts. It will fit above a desk, in the consultation room or simply in the livingroom.

Above anything else this poster emits professionalism and modernity.


The first version of the poster includes plain latin and Danish layman terms. An English version is underway along with many other local language versions for specific regions.  The upcoming language versions are: Latin and Swedish, Latin and Norwegian, Anglo-latin and English, Latin and German, plus many more.  

Use and content

The best way to describe the EA1 poster is as an atlas of human anatomy in overview. It can be used for studying or refreshing the anatomy of the human movement apparatus or simply as eye candy for your wall. During the development of the poster we prioritized overview, logical grouping and the use of latin in combination with local layman terms.

  • skeletal muscle groups 
  • skeletal muscle origin and insertion
  • bony landmarks
  • joints and ligaments
It was developed over the course of many years, in collaboration with medical students, medical artists and didactical specialists at eAnatomi. 


The poster has been reviewed and recommended by professor, Jørgen Olsen, administrator for Course in Head, Neck, The Locomotor System and the Peripheral Nervous System.

"This poster is both aesthetic and beautiful, and at the same time very easy to immerse oneself into with all its details on muscles, bones and joints." 
-Anna, physiotherapy student

If you have any questions or comments about the EA1 poster please feel free to contact us - we are always happy to hear from you.

Close up on part of the poster.

Copyrighted by eAnatomi, all rights reserved.

Limitations and thoughts on our pedagogical approach is written in a introductory letter accompanying the poster and can also be accessed via the PDF link, by the extra products photos in the product presentation on our website. 

Poster size 70x100 horizontal layout, printed on heavy 250 gr. Silk paper, well suited for framing.
Current language version: Latin, Danish and Swedish, Latin and Swedish, Latin and Norwegian

eAnatomi,,, phone +45 2991 9911 


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